Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most of the questions frequently asked by our customers.

Question:  Do I need a foundation for all base mounted jib cranes?

Answer:  We do offer Foundationless Jib Cranes that only need a 6″ Concrete Floor up to 1 Ton Capacity and for shorter spans.


Question:  What is the delivery time for a standard jib crane?

Answer:  We can ship in 3 days or less if needed.  Our standard jib cranes will ship in 5 to 10 days after receipt of order.


Question:  Can you offer a hoist or installation with the jib crane?

Answer:  Please inquiry with our Inside Sales Team.  We can offer a hoist with the system or if installation is needed – one of our Distributors can provide this service.


Question:  Can you provide motorized rotation on a jib crane?

Answer:  Yes – we offer motorized rotation for better ergonomics.   Please inquiry with our Inside Sales Team.


Question:  What do you recommend for outdoor service?

Answer:  For many applications we can provide an outdoor paint system on the jib cranes.  Other items include rotation locks for the wind, covers for the hoist or rotation motor, epoxy paint or galvanized finishes.


Question: What do you offer as a standard capacity, span and under boom?

Answer: Standard are ¼ to 5 ton capacity with a span on most models to 20’-0” and a height under boom of 20’ for pillar type model.


Question: Can you quote jibs for spec bids?

Answer: Yes.  Our inside sales team can review a customer or engineering specification and quote the jib crane for the application.


Question: Do you offer custom options?

Answer: We offer a wide range of options not listed on line or in our price book. Call sales for details.


Question:  Do your Jib Cranes meet the OSHA specification?

Answer:  Our Jib Cranes are built to our interpretation of OSHA paragraph 1910.179 as it would apply to jib cranes.


Question:  Do your jib cranes meet the CMAA Specification?

Answer:  There is no CMAA spec at this time; due to release sometime in 2021.

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