Electric Chain Hoists

We can supply Electric Chain hoists up to 15 Ton Capacity to meet your needs. We offer many leading brands including CM ShopStar, CMLodestar, CM Powerstar, Budgit, Yale or Coffing

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CM ShopStar

Durable hoist features high, H4-duty cycles and up to 1,000 lbs Capacity.

CM Lodestar

Legendary in performance, the Lodestar features quiet operation, high duty cycles and best-in-class safety features. 1/8 Ton to 3 Ton Capacities. We have many in stock!

CM Powerstar

A space-saving alternative to wire rope hoists, the heavy-duty Powerstar is designed for high-speed lifting and long life. Capacities 2 Ton through 15 Ton.

Coffing JLC Electric Chain Hoist

Compact in size but big on features, the JLC boasts a multiple disc motor brake, overload clutch and chain end stop for safety. 1/8 Ton to 2 Ton Capacities.

Coffing EC Electric Chain Hoist

High performance hoists for heavy-duty service, the EC and ED are designed for safe operation. 1/4 Ton to 5 Ton Capacity.

Budgit Electric Chain Hoist

Man Guard Hoists - Limited availability - Call us for pricing and details. 1/4 Ton to 3 Ton Capacities.

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