Cranes & Hoists

Competitive and quality Single or Double Girder Overhead Cranes & monorail hoists with proven components and controls.

Bridge Cranes & Hoists Systems

Overhead Bridge Cranes

We are a member of the CMAA – Crane Manufacturer’s Association of America.  Our Top running and Under running bridge crane systems are designed and built to meet the application of our customers.  Some of the key features of these cranes are:

  • Single / Double girder, standard capacities up to 125 ton
  • Up to 120+ ft span
  • Manual cranes, standard capacities up to 5 ton
  • Hand geared cranes, standard capacities up to 10 ton
  • Motor driven cranes and Air driven cranes, all capacities
  • Low headroom design, all capacities
  • Explosion proof / spark resistant proof system, covers NEC and NEMA.
  • Patented track crane applications, up to 30 ton
  • Other capacities and spans available

Hoists & Monorail Systems

Monorail Systems can run in a straight line or have a complex style that includes curves and/or variation in altitude of the monorail track. Some of the key features of these cranes are:

  • Wide flange / Patented track monorail track
  • Curves, Switches in the monorail track
  • No limit on span
  • Transfer systems
  • Capacities up to 20 ton

Cranes & Hoists

Jib Cranes

Base Mounted and Wall Mounted Abell-Howe Jib Cranes

Overhead Cranes

Top Running and Under Running Single & Double Girder Bridge Cranes built for CMAA Classes A thru E Service

Runway Systems

Enclosed Track, Pre-Engineered, Freestanding and Custom Designed Crane Runway Systems

Custom Build

Special Crane Solutions Engineered to meet our customer needs.

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