Galvanized Motorized Jib Crane

Case Study: Specialty Motorized Jib Crane for Outdoor Salt Air Environment with Galvanized Steel and Epoxy Paint

Galvanized & Epoxy Painted Motorized Jib Crane

Abell-Howe™ Cranes provided a Galvanized Steel Base Mounted Jib Crane for a Pacific Ocean Pier Location near Santa Monica, California.  This specialty jib crane is 20 Ft under boom and a 20 Ft span with a 2 ton (4,000 Lbs) Capacity.  This larger pipe jib crane also has motorized rotation with a ½ rpm rotation speed including a Variable Frequency Drive.

In addition to the galvanized steel – the crane will also have an epoxy paint finish for longer life. This galvanized steel jib crane has the advantage of a zinc coating for long life expectancy and outstanding resistance to the salt water and air which can cause premature rust and corrosion.

We follow Hot Dip Galvanizing Industry guidelines which require holes for venting and drainage in the jib crane.  When the jib crane components are hot dipped galvanized – the molten zinc coating is able to drain out at the proper time in the process.

For most outdoor applications, an epoxy paint system is recommended.  Due to the corrosive salt air, this called for the special finish with both galvanizing and epoxy paint.

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