Abell-Howe Full Cantilever Jib Cranes

The Abell-Howe J-906FCT Series was developed to be an all purpose wall mount jib for heavy duty industrial applications.


  • 1/4 Ton to 5 Tons.
  • Boom Lengths up to 20 ft. on select capacities.



  • Up to 212-degree rotation for high hook lift applications.
  • Conservatively designed mast resists torsional forces from off-center loading.
  • Fabricated steel hinge fittings with bearings.
  • Boom is preset to compensate for deflection under load.
  • End stops at both ends of the boom to limit trolley travel.


Optional Accessories

  • Rotational stops.
  • Available in Motorized versions (consult factory).
  • Wind or Position Lock.
  • Galvanizing.
  • Spark-resistant and/or explosion-proof construction for hazardous locations.
  • Messenger wire assembly.
  • Hand geared rotation.



J-906FCT Series


Tagline Assembly Kit

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