Abell-Howe Freedom Frame

Abell-Howe(TM) Pre-Engineered Runway Systems for single or multiple cranes. Available 2 Ton to 10 Ton Capacity and can be free standing.

Freedom Frame Runway Systems

The Abell-Howe Freedom Frame free-standing modular runway system is ideal for situations where installation of overhead cranes with the building structure is not practical due to building considerations:

Freedom Frame Systems feature:

  • Capacities up to 10 tons
  • Overall widths up to 40′-0″
  • Completely free standing systems
  • Multiple bay configurations
  • Easy installation & portable
  • Crane spans up to 36′-0″

Extensive capacity range:
Available in 2, 3, 5, 7-1/2 and 10 ton capacities as standard to meet a wide range of requirements. Special capacity markings can be provided on non-standard systems.

Free Standing System with Easy Installation & Relocating:
Tie off to building column or support structure not required.  Connections are bolted, not welded, to allow for easy installation and dismantling for movement to another location.

1, 2, 3 or 4 Bay Systems:  Multiple bay can be provided for long runway requirements.   Additional bays can be added to existing systems in field.

Standard & Engineered Systems:  Standard systems consisting of pre-engineered modular runway systems only for quick delivery or special engineered systems to accommodate any special requirements including the following:

  • Top Running Single Girder Cranes with plug and play connections (sold separately)
  • Special Paint requirements
  • Multiple cranes on the runway system
  • Multiple hoist cranes
  • Special Environments

Freedom Frame Runway Systems Include:

  • Frame & Hardware with connections bolted, not welded, to allow for easy installation and dismantling for movement to another location.
  • Runway beams, End Stops, & ASCE Runway Rail.
  • Runway Electrification, 4 tandem collectors and universal tow arm bracket. Runway is predrilled for ease of installation of runway electrification brackets.

Additional Information:

  • System up to 5 ton capacity requires no footings. Minimum 6” concrete depth with 2,000 psf soil pressure. 5 Ton and 10 Ton Systems may require footings.  Contact us for sizing.
  • Anchor bolts can be quoted upon request after determination of concrete floor properties.
  • Bracing to building column or support structure is not required. – No loads on your building.
  • Hook coverages and approaches are approximate.
  • Bays can be added in the future for longer runways.
  • Top Running Single Girder Cranes are not included unless specifically requested and priced upon request.

Contact us for a quick quote on a Freedom Frame Runway System!

We will need to know:  Capacity, Overall Width; Overall Length; Overall Height; No. of Bays – Columns.






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