Wall Traveling Jib Cranes

Wall Traveling Crane or Wall Traveling Jib Crane are uniquely applied cranes where we have the expertise to correctly design these for proper loading on the building and structure.

Wall Traveling Jib Cranes

Abell-Howe Wall Traveling Jib Cranes combine the economy and spot handing of a standard wall jib with the flexibility of an overhead crane.  Wall traveling jibs afford hook coverage the entire length of the building while occupying no more space than a wall mounted jib crane.  Wall traveling cranes from 1 Ton to 15 Ton capacity as standard.

We can provide:

  • Standard Tension Brace Design – Upper end truck has single flanged wheels running on an I-beam track mounted on its side, similar to an underhung crane.  Lower truck runs on an ASCE rail similar to a top running crane.


  • Underbraced Design – This type affords maximum hook height by mounting trolley beam at top.  Double underbrace allows full trolley travel on beam.


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