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CES Service Department prides itself in providing the finest crane and hoist service in the industry. We are a phone call away to solving our customer’s repair and service problems.

Services Offered to Customers
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Long Term Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Evaluations
  • OSHA Compliance Inspections
  • Transportable Certified Test Weights
  • In-house Mechanical, Electrical and Structural
  • Engineering Support
Parts and Service Department
  • Emergency Repair
  • OSHA Inspections
  • Modifications, and
  • Installations, Upgrades, and Rebuilds to all brands of cranes and hoists.
Qualifications of Technicians
  • Over 60 excellent highly skilled factory trained technicians
  • average experience of 12 years with CES.
  • Provides preventative maintenance to assure performance on all cranes.
  • CES can provide Turnkey Site Service or a Site Supervisor can provide technical direction to your existing work crew.
Inspection Services
  • Frequent
  • Periodic (Monthly)
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annually (every 6 months)
  • Annual
Frequent OSHA Inspection
 Daily or start of each shift
  • Check operation of all functional mechanisms including limit switch operation, brakes & controls.
  • Check hoist cable for kinks, abrasions, corrosion, broken wires or evidence of improper spooling in drum.
  • Inspect hooks, upper & lower blocks and all load bearing components for damage.
Periodic OSHA Inspection
 Monthly inspection of hook must include:
  • Certification record with the inspection date, signatures of the person who performed the inspection and the serial number of the hoist.
  • Wire rope shall be thoroughly inspected.
Quarterly OSHA Inspection
 Electrical controls:
  • Conduct Lockout/Tagout Procedures.
  • Inspect wiring and terminals.
  • Check condition of contactor assembly, transformer and upper limit switch.
Bi-Annually OSHA Inspection
 Upper and lower blocks:
  • Check lubrication of all parts.
  • Check sheave to insure rope groove is smooth and free from burrs.
  • Check each sheave for freedom of rotation, replace bearings if defective. Make sure that dowel pin holding the hook nut to the hook is securely in position.
Annual OSHA Inspection
  • Our 80 point inspection will cover the runway, J-bolts, electrification, endtrucks, bridge, trolley, and hoist.
  • Wire rope and lower hook inspection.
  • Grease all fittings, top off fluid levels, perform additional services as needed.
Load Test
  • Tested at 100 -125% of crane’s capacity.
  • Issue Load Test Certificate upon successful Load Test.

NOTE: If a load test certificate has been issued and there has not been any replacement of any load bearing parts or welding or cut on the crane or structure, then an additional load test is not required.

  • Provide comprehensive troubleshooting & Repair of all electrical components.
  • Computerized & Radio-controlled remote crane operations.
  • Installations and replacement of electrical controls, traveling pendants and festoon systems
  • Gear Box repair
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Wire Rope or Chain Replacement
  • Complete Runway Installations
  • Modifications and Upgrades to Runway
Preventative Maintenance Services
 Service provided to our customer to:
  • Reduces costly delays and loss of production
  • Reduces costly repairs to equipment
Training Services
  • Improve Customer’s Productivity
  • Reduce Customer’s Operating Costs
  • Minimize Costly Accidents
 Training Services
  • Training for Cranes, Hoists and Material Handling Equipment
  • Ensures operator competency
  • Conducted at Customer’s Facility or at CES
 Training Programs Include:
  • Crane and Hoist Operation
  • Safety and Accident Prevention
  • OSHA Operator Compliance
  • Rigging
  • Operator Inspection
  • Crane Controls and Hand Signals

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