Patented Track - Beams & Girders

Patented track bridge beams and runway girders offer longer life and more durability than a standard I beam
construction. The raised, hardened tread on patented track beams and girders gives additional strength and dependability to resist crane loads longer over the life of the beam. Standardized lower flange width of 3 ¼” gives the user the flexibility to expand or rearrange systems and ensures compatibility of components from one system to another.

Crane components are made of forged heat-treated wheels, designed to roll with minimal resistance. They are machined to meet the surface of the track for consistent full-contact and longer life.

Flexible suspensions provide longer system performance and lower maintenance costs. Track is suspended using ball and socket connections permitting the track to float in all directions allowing it to compensate for structural movement by allowing tracks to move and adjust to crane wheel centers. This load balance of the wheels and components allows for longer life with less maintenance.

Standard Features

Optional Features

- Three piece welded construction of girders and beams consists of a mild steel top flange and web and specially rolled highcarbon steel lower rail with raised tread.

- Standardized lower flange width of 3¼” allows for easy expansion or rearrangement.

- Endtrucks and carriers designed to achieve full wheel contact.

- Flexible suspensions allow for track to float in all directions, allowing girders to adjust to loads for full wheel contact.

- Gliding switches allow for carries to move from one track to another.

- Interlocks allow for hoists to transfer from one system to another.

- Track curves give user the flexibility to design crane system around building or process constraints.

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