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Aluminum Plants
  • Pot Tending Machines
  • Pot Transfer Cranes
  • Carbon Anode Handling Cranes
  • Rolling Mill Cranes
  • Finishing Mill Cranes
  • Coil Handling Cranes
  • Warehousing and Shipping Cranes

Base Metals Industries

  • Integrated and Mini Steel Mills
  • Steel Processors
  • Aluminum Producers and Processors
  • Copper Producers and Processors
  • Nickel Producers and Processors
  • Zinc Producers and Processors

Copper, Zinc and Nickel Plants

  • Smelter Cranes
  • Anode / Cathode Handling Cranes
  • Tankhouse Cranes (Semi-Automatic)
  • Anode Transfer Systems (Automatic)
  • Anode Stacker Cranes
  • Warehousing and Shipping Cranes

Offshore Applications

  • Explosion Proof Electrical
  • Corrosion Resistant Features such as bronze
    or stainless steel materials used
  • Epoxy Paint or Galvanization

Power Generation

  • Hydro Electric Power Stations
  • Thermal Generating Stations (Fossil Fuels, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas)
  • Nuclear Generating Stations
  • Co-Generation Stations (Energy from Waste)
  • Turbine Hall Cranes
  • Intake Gate Handling Gantry Cranes
  • Tailrace Gate Handling Gantry Cranes
  • Gate Hoists
  • Nuclear Fuel Flask Storage Cranes
  • Flask Storage Inspection Bridges

Steel Mills

  • Hot Metal Handling Ladle Cranes (Charging and Teeming)
  • Tundish Handling Cranes
  • Scrap Charging Cranes
  • Slab Handling Cranes
  • Rolling Mill Cranes
  • Finishing Mill Cranes
  • Coil Handling Stacker Cranes
  • Bloom, Billet and Bar Handling Cranes
  • Plate Handling Cranes
  • Galvanizing Line Cranes
  • Maintenance Cranes Warehousing and Storage Cranes
  • Shipping Cranes

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